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How to manage long-term idle periods for your printer?

Via this bulletin we want to supply you with the following information.


  • In the event in which your printer will be off for one month or more, there are certain steps that are recommended to prevent issues from occurring upon starting the machine after the extended shut down.
  • This information has also been made available to end-users via a Customer Information Bulletin.


To properly prepare your printer for long-term storage of one month or more:

  1. Power down the printer.
  2. Remove the resin tray, discard the material inside according to all government regulations, clean the tray, and store the tray in its garage.
    NOTE: Due to sediment settling on the resin-tray membrane, the print material would have to be discarded after two weeks of sitting in the tray unused. This is why it must be discarded before your time away.

To bring the printer back up properly after extended idle time of one month or more:

  1. Install the resin tray. Mix material per the instructions in the User Guide and fill the tray.
  2. Power on printer.

If you were unable to perform these steps prior to leaving the printer for an extended time, when you arrive back after your absence:

  1. Discard the material currently in the resin tray according to all government regulations.
    NOTE: The amount of sediment that settles in the resin tray after two weeks makes the material unusable, as remixing the material at this point is not reliable. This is why it must be discarded.
  2. Clean the resin tray according to the instructions in your printer’s User Guide.
  3. Inspect the resin tray for punctures or marks around the area where it sits on the Membrane Interface Lip. If all looks good, reinsert the tray and begin printing. If the tray is damaged, or if you are unsure if it is damaged, use a new resin tray and contact your reseller.

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